In Moscow the girl swallowed a toothbrush trying to get rid of the stuck in the throat sausage

In Moscow, 22-year-old student was hospitalized after swallowing a toothbrush.

the Incident occurred on may 30 at an apartment house on the Kiev highway, reports “MK”. 22-year-old girl had for dinner sausage and at some point felt the food stuck in her throat. Then the student went into the bathroom and tried the toothbrush to push the sausage.

In the end, the girl swallowed a toothbrush and barely felt it. The girl’s mother called an ambulance which took the victim to the Botkin hospital. Stuck the brush was removed from the stomach using a special probe.

According to doctors, the 22-year-old resident of the “new Moscow” a rare feature of the organism — there is almost no gag reflex, so it almost didn’t feel anything after swallowing the object.

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