In Moscow will build more than 130 transitions through the IDC

Adjacent to the Moscow Central diameters of the territory will connect the pedestrian crossings. On IDC-1 plan to build 47 transitions in the WDC-2 — 84.

According to the head Moscomarchitecture Juliana Knyazheskoy to travel to the WDC, people on foot have to overcome more than a mile. So the polls suggest. The construction projects adjacent to the diameters of the territories will make it way safe and comfortable. To do this, in addition to the transitions rekonstruiruet and build more than 66 kilometres of roads, to equip platforms for public transport will pave lanes with the ability to separate the movement of pedestrians and cyclists ensure lighting.

“it is planned to put in order about 500 hectares of the city territory, adjacent to the IDC. All approaches will be protected, causing the person a sense of security,” — said the Deputy head of transport and engineering center of the Institute of General Plan of Moscow Denis Vlasov.

From July 20 to August 2 in the capital are e-public comment on draft plan adjacent to the IDC areas. Muscovites can take part in them, to make suggestions and comments on the draft on the website of the “Active citizen” in the relevant section.