In Moscow will restore the estate Prokhorov

Until the end of 2020, experts will start the restoration of the monument of cultural heritage of regional value — the main house of the estate Prokhorov in a Large Trekhgorny lane. The first thing they will undertake work for the conservation of the monument, and then proceed to restoration of facades and interiors.

the Building is located on the site, which from 1830 to 1917 belonged to the manufacturers Prokhorov. The head of the family built the manor house immediately after purchase of land. Modern appearance it received in 1892, and since then had not fundamentally changed.

As the head of the Moscow cultural heritage Department Alexey Emelyanov, restorers have already repaired the roof two-storey building and has prepared the premises and the facades of large-scale works. To start them, according to the official plan in the near future.

the Specialists will carry out the renovation of masonry, seal cracks, replace all rotten wood crowns, remove late finish of walls and ceilings, to put in order ladders, to restore the preserved historic interior doors and furnace.

Recall that last year the experts thoroughly describe all elements of the monument that make up its historic character. All the controls work the Moscow’s Department.

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