In Murino added onto the interchange with the ring road

In the Western Murino in the Leningrad region completed junction with the ring road. About it the correspondent “of Rosbalt” reported the road Committee of the region.

In early August in the operating mode open the movement on the 3rd and 4th congresses- with the organization of the Avenue to the ring road and back. By the end of the last summer month will complete on the 1st and 2nd congresses of the “puncture”.

the sound proofing in the framework of the project of construction was not anticipated, “Lenavtodor” decided to put screens under a separate contract, as the road is close to many houses. Screens will be installed in the course of the year.

we Also plan to create a roundabout intersection, which will become part of the interchange and will allow you to avoid traffic jams at the exit and check-in on ring road.

“there were difficulties in terms of switching communications “Heating”, they are now solved. The contractor has already put up construction camp, is clearing the site. Monday plan to begin the reconstruction of communication”, — reported on the progress of work in road Committee.

the roundabout will also allow you to leave the interchange at Okhtinskaya alley, and also to the metro station and the future bus station near the exit of subway.

Recall that the contract for the construction of an interchange with the ring road in Murino authorities signed at the end of 2017, work on the site began in the summer of 2018.

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