In Murino master in the protective Bathrobe making manicure on the street (photos)

the Inhabitants of Murino noticed the manicurist that works in the street. Precautions are complied with in full: Shoe covers, masks, gloves, gowns.

However, this has not stopped social media users from jokes and even aggression. The locals joke that it stands next to open also a gynecologist’s office.

Some citizens, however, were inspired by the initiative. “And what, norms idea. I’m a massage therapist, tomorrow, next put the couch. So welcome,” wrote the girl.

Many commentators agreed that this PR campaign.

let’s Add, that on may 12, in the Leningrad region have softened some “antiviral” restrictions for entrepreneurs. Beauty salons opened, however, established requirements for personal protective equipment, simultaneous number of clients in the halls, regular disinfection.

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