In Murmansk the official knocked down a 12-year-old boy and sued his parents 120 thousand rubles for the repair of vehicles

The former worker of the Ministry of education of the Murmansk region Lily unfastened, brought down the child in a holiday village yurkyne, won the case in court. According to the decision of October district court of Murmansk, the parents of the injured child should pay to the clerk 120 thousand roubles for repair of the machine. As reminds “KP”, the incident occurred July 28, 2018. In the village of Yurkino near Murmansk has faced Volkswagen Tiguan and rider and 12-year-old Henry Shirshov. The boy after the accident was a broken jaw, concussion, bruises of the body and head, knocked out front teeth. Driving the car, as it turned out, was a former employee of the Ministry of education and science Liliya unfastened. The publication indicates that a woman, working in the Department, oversaw, including the issue of security of children on roads. Sirhowy focused on the treatment of his son and did not sue unfastened. But the former clerk has filed a lawsuit against the parents of the child to recover damages, court costs, damage assessment, payment services mail and registration fee. The traffic police reported that the driver’s fault in the accident there: a teenager left on the unregulated crossroad of unequal roads, according to “KP”. At the same time, the court reportedly did not take the examination, which was provided by defendants, and agreed to conduct an independent examination, which would understand the circumstances of the incident. “Our expertise has also the right to life, only that she was not given a legal assessment. But our expertise is very accurate, in particular, in materials, traffic police no indication the accident scene, we have the same set, — told “KP” the representative Sirovich in court Dmitry Buyanov. — In this case the court without confirmation accept the words of Lily unfastened, for example, that she rode with the permitted speed not exceeding 20 km/h, but that we question. She said she hit the brakes as soon as I saw Henry. But if she rode with on SKOspeed, the machine would stand on the spot immediately, but the cyclist would have been at the level of the front door. We conducted with Federal reporters this experiment: the car was traveling much faster — about 50 km/h because the bike was on.” In addition, the side Sirovich tried to prove in court that, despite the fact that the car was driving on an asphalt road, and the cyclist was left with a primer, the advantage was the two-wheeled transport. However, the arguments of the defendants have not convinced the October district court of Murmansk he decided to pay Lily unfastened 120 thousand rubles. Sirhowy intend to appeal the court’s decision.

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