In nenoksa, where almost a year ago, an explosion occurred in tests rocket, plans for new threat of military

of nyonoksa in the Arkhangelsk region will fall into the danger zone of the planned work of the military of the defense Ministry.

As reported Monday in the administration of Severodvinsk, from 6:00 July 7 until 18:00 on 8 July the village of nyonoksa gets into the danger zone when carrying out the 1st research center of the military unit 09703.

those Wishing to leave the village out on five buses.

Recall that on 8 August last year, as reported later in the “Rosatom”, on the ground, an explosion occurred during testing on a sea platform rocket radioisotope power source. Killed five employees of “Rosatom” and two representatives of the defense Ministry. Injured three military and three specialists of “Rosatom”. The authorities of Severodvinsk and Roshydromet said that on the day of PE in Severodvinsk background radiation briefly rose, and some time after returned to normal. After the incident, the district Dvina Bay of the White sea, near which the explosion occurred at a military training ground, was closed to public swimming for a month.

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