in the near future In the “new Moscow” will be completed the construction of the first helipad. It will appear next to the metro station Prokshino the Sokolnicheskaya line.

According to the head of Department of development of new territories Vladimir Zhidkin, and from there you can take air taxis to take a helicopter ride over the suburbs.

“the Construction of the heliport and associated infrastructure is planned to be completed within a few weeks after normalization of the epidemiological situation”, — said Zhidkin.

He added that the heliport is intended for light helicopters, and heavy. Now the operator extends the Park to walking are accessible to people with different income levels. In addition to air taxi operations at the heliport will be possible to take flying lessons. According to Zhidkina today in Moscow to receive such services impossible, to do this, residents have to go to remote areas of Moscow region.

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