In Norilsk detained the instigator of the fight Dagestanis and Azerbaijanis

Police have detained 20-the summer young man who organised a mass brawl in the Northern town of Russia. 20 Jun Norilsk agreed, as reported by eyewitnesses and the media, the natives of Dagestan and Azerbaijan.

Detained “by one of the parties to the conflict 2000, which, according to preliminary data, is one of the organizers”, is told in the message of the MIA in Krasnoyarsk region.

“Ordinary” participants of the fight were detained in hot pursuit. They face liability in a criminal case on hooliganism.

Police conducted raids on apartments bullies and seized from them a total of “11 knives, air gun, 29 phones, two hard drives, clothes and shoes with traces of blood” and other evidence.

Presumably, the conflict arose over a girl, but the police this version has not commented and their conclusions about the background of the fight calls.

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