In Omsk 72-year-old disabled suspected insurgents

In terms of 72-year-old Omsk pensioner Vladimir Beskhlebnova, denies the collapse of the Soviet Union, initiated proceedings on the organization of an extremist community. The FSB claim that the disabled person was allegedly preparing “an armed seizure of power”.

As reported by “Novaya Gazeta”, searches the man passed on last week, and on 11 July by the court, he was placed under house arrest.

According to relatives, the decision to search was told that according to the FSB of Russia in the Omsk region, he is preparing “an armed seizure of power” in the country. In the decision of the court, Beskhlebnova chose a measure of restraint to house arrest, says he is suspected of organizing an extremist community. Also searched were the supporters of a pensioner, who also deny the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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