In Omsk bonded to the outside panel high-rises backed with an iron stick (photo)

In Omsk bonded panel nine-floor house backed with an iron pipe. The unreliability of “protective” structures have sparked debate on social media. It is known that the house is not settled.

In the town’s public “state of emergency Omsk” has published pictures prefabricated house in the street Lukashevich, where you can see how bent plate of the building, and avoid the collapse of their backed thin metal pipe.

According to the newspaper “Superock”, in the house of 1977 of construction is over 215 apartments where I live about 432 people.

In the city of Omsk edition НГС55 confirmed the incident. Officials of the Department of municipal economy said that “plates are not load-bearing design”. Pipe there called “temporary iron props”. Now the expert of the municipality is developing “options for gain”.

At the same time, the management company reported that the tenants of the first entrance of the evacuated. According to recent reports, the wall backed the tractor.

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