In Omsk rebelled shift workers quarantined In the hospital cockroaches, tea is served in a bucket

In the Omsk hospital protested against poor conditions shift workers. They come from the Chayandinskoye field of “Gazprom” in Yakutia, where in April there was a large outbreak of coronavirus.

quarantined workers demanded their release. According to “Omsk-inform”, they complained about the lack of bed sheets, cockroaches and tea from the bucket.

Shift workers tried to get out of the hospital near the city of Omsk, but the doctors called the staff of Regardie.

In the local Ministry of health has accused of working in debauchery and “indecent” behaviour, calling for “respect for workers”.

Now the hospital are 37 shift workers, they had small symptoms of SARS, but now they are healthy. If repeated tests are negative may 23, all will return to the Observatory.

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