In Omsk, the parents severely beat a three-year girl

the Story about the beating of parents of three year old daughter from Omsk appeared on television the night before and attracted the attention of investigators.

As the press service of the regional SU IC, may 8 in the village of Dachnoe of the Omsk district, the 27-year-old woman severely beat his daughter, then the child was in the hospital.

the girl at the age of 2.5 years was diagnosed with closed craniocerebral injury, brain concussion and numerous bruises and contusions and abrasions.

in addition, the injured child suffered from anemia and protein-energy malnutrition because of poor nutrition in the family.

parents-tyrants seized four minor children were placed in children’s welfare. Family still in 2018 was recognized as disadvantaged and consisted on the account, but it did not protect children from bullying, threatening their lives.

In relation to the parents initiated a criminal case under three articles of the torture, the deliberate infliction of medium-gravity harm to health against a minor and the failure by the parent of duties on education of children.

In the First channel also reported that the couple did not care for elderly relative and took away from the pensioner money. Is checked.

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