In Omsk will pass tournament on a high-speed digging graves

At the end of summer in Omsk scheduled competition for high-speed digging graves, reports the portal of Sib.FM.

Information about the tournament, which is scheduled for the end of August, published in the official Instagram account of one of the ritual companies of Omsk. Plans publication confirmed the Director of the Novosibirsk branch of the company. As noted, originally the tournament was scheduled for early August in Vladivostok, but later due to restrictive measures, it was moved to Omsk.

the Publication stresses that the festival is “intended as entertainment”. However, for the evaluation of excavated graves there are certain criteria: the excavated pit should reach 200 cm in length, 80 in width and 160 in depth. You will also be judged accuracy of work.

it is Noted that the jury for evaluation would use real coffins, which by the terms of the competition should enter the grave on the first try.

the Winners of the competition promised valuable prizes.

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