In one of the provinces of Belgium due to coronavirus imposed a curfew

In the Belgian province of Antwerp due to a spike in the incidence of coronavirus curfew from 23.30 to 6.00. In addition, working in the region, the company was obliged to return to the remote work where possible, reports Belgian TV RTBF.

exceptions to the curfew are made for movement, caused by urgent necessity (travel to work or to the hospital). Cafes and restaurants must close at 23:00, a ban on all contact sports for athletes over the age of 18. In some areas of the province are closed Banquet halls and a fitness center.

In Belgium say about the second wave of the pandemic. The most complicated situation is in Antwerp, in the South and in Brussels at the present time the situation is more stable.

on Monday, the authorities held an emergency national security Council meeting in connection with the threat of a new wave of coronavirus and tightened some restrictions on the number of contacts, the rules of shopping and events.

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