The announcement prior to the performance we had put a flea in his ear: “Attention, gun shots will be taken at the beginning and end of the show.” But we didn’t expect to see tumbling down from the opening, a sedan yellow making squealing his tires in a turn “controlled” by speed. Large displacements and large calibers are inviting them to the opera? This is not the first time. Far from it. As Baz Luhrmann revisits the myth of Romeo and Juliet , the English Davide Livermore is certainly not gone with the back of the spoon into his will take your breath away version of the Don Giovanni of Mozart. But if we will retain this new production, it is not so much for his Leporello transformed into taxi driver or his Commander-in-godfather of the Mafia and for its spectacular use of the video.

No decor. Just through dozens of projectors, made by the group video-D-Wok, rhabillant of how impressive the wall of the ancient theatre. Up to make it disappear as …

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