“Play of the materiality of the representation, and illusion”, likes to say, Éva Jospin, whose architectures of cardboard might seem to be rooted in time as the temples of Angkor. And yet, nothing is more lightweight and fragile that a facility of this artist who explores the material “poor” for many years.

After creations, monumental in the Cour carrée of the Louvre, in the area of Trévarez and then to Chaumont-sur-Loire, as well as Beaupassage, on the left bank, in the Seventh, or this year at the Biennale of architecture and landscape of Versailles, every achievement, long-term or not, carries and mark the spirits. For this second solo exhibition at Suzanne Tarasieve, artist, 44-year-old leads the visitor on a journey unknown, the exploration of caves, temples, and palaces that could be the models, architectures and ancient cities sunken.

“I really looked at the gardens of the Renaissance, mannerist and the painting of vedute, should have looked,” says Éva Jospin, who has been a resident at the Villa Medicis in 2016. In his imagination, the cardboard is soil, rock, stone, plant. One has the impression to see the erosion, the ruin through these strata to be cut out, superimposed, juxtaposed and sanded where are emerging today of the veins of the colors are very subtle, unseen so far in its work.

Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve 7 rue Pastourelle, IIIe arrondissement of Paris.
Phone : 01 42 71 76 54.
Hours : Tuesday to Saturday from 11h to 19h.
until 26 July

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