In Perm a parent on hunger strike, trying to draw attention to the extortion at the Lyceum

the father of the student of Lyceum in Perm Sergey Medvedev announced a hunger strike, demanding from law enforcement agencies to deal with cases of extortion and harassment in school. As he told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” continues his hunger strike in its eighth day.

According to Sergei Medvedev, it requires that the law enforcement officers checked the situation at the Lyceum № 9. “Documented that the school bullied my child. It happened that he came from school when he was four, and he got six twos. Lessons four and twos he put six! I don’t require that someone wicked was fired but I demand to be taken for some reasonable, legitimate decision,” said the parent.

Medvedev is sure that the persecution of the son originates from his unwillingness “to fork out for the benefit of the Lyceum.” Earlier, the father of the students went on pickets, trying to draw attention to the events in the school.

a week after the hunger strike, a meeting of parent with employees of the Prosecutor’s office of the district. Sergei Medvedev announced the beginning of the inspection at the above named facts.

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