In Petersburg have decided not to close the

In St. Petersburg can bring some bars from the scope of the bill prohibiting drinking establishments of small dwellings. The statements of the author of the initiative of Denis Chetyrbok quotes his Telegram channel.

according to MP, on the basis of the legislation Committee already has a working group that is working on the question of “copyright bars?”

“Legally, no such thing in the legislation — both Federal and regional — is not, however, the need for special regulation of these establishments are long overdue, and it follows from cases owners “copyright bar”. Such institutions do not always cause disturbance to local residents, although there are exceptions (here you need to understand each situation individually),” said Chetyrbok.

According to him, he headed the working group will formulate the criteria for such outlets, the rules of their work and whether they preferences.

“the First and key I can say with absolute certainty that such institutions should not be complaints of local residents,” — said the Deputy.

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