In Petersburg swindlers enticed two grandmothers more than 2.5 million rubles

For tricks fraudsters came across two elderly residents of St. Petersburg. 75-the summer pensioner has listed cyber criminals to almost 2.5 million rubles, and 70-year-old grandmother of the Fun of the Village — almost 150 thousand, informs an “Operational cover”.

According to media reports, a resident of the Admiralteisky district, the scammers persuaded to transfer to unknown accounts through different ATMs 2 million 376 000. The translations were made on 4 and 14 may. The police, the grandmother did not appeal, since not immediately aware of the fact of committing fraud.

a Pensioner of the Fun of the Village received several calls from an unknown person, who introduced himself as a security officer of the Bank had frightened her with the loss of their money and convinced to give him the code from the SMS. He then transferred funds to an unknown account number of all grandma was missing 106 149 rubles.

In both cases, inspections are carried out, prosecuted.

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