In Petersburg the circus said that the elephants in the depressing period of the pandemic

In Saint-Petersburg circus on Fontanka continue the rehearsal. According to “Novaya Gazeta”, the animals without spectators behave less artistic, but pandemic coronavirus is not a reason to stop training. Every morning employees gather together to attend a performance to applaud all of the circus performers and animals, from elephants and camels to kangaroos and ostriches.

“we Have a slightly different approach to training animals, than in Russia, less aggressive, or what. For example, in your circus school rule to turn the tiger back, it is considered a threat. We are all on trust: they are our Pets or even family members,” he said Davio of the famous dynasty Toni.

Shared details of communicating with the elephants and big brother Corrado.

“When we meet in the morning — they always have a good mood, they are happy that I came. Of course, now is not the easiest time,” he added.

the employees of the circus said that the building is now quiet and empty. According to them, this silence is very depressing elephants — they’re used to the applause, laughter and music.

“Elephants are highly charged love the audience, from her admiration, but we’ll try not to fall into depression. Delicious feed them. Thanks to the Unique — despite the quarantine, the animals are no shortages of food. Often my own, but it’s huge for them, the joy, practice, embrace. Though they have a thick skin, but elephants like to be petted,” said Corrado.

In turn, the Frenchman Ivan DeVore told about the camels. For the artist, these animals — the most intelligent and cordial, and empathetic.

“I’m always surprised that the first thing people ask why camels spit. Indeed, they spit, but only when scared or angry. As we are about Rafa, Jafar and Kazan never in conflict, and do not spit”, — told about the Pets artist.

Employees said they do not know when to wait for the opening of the circus. Rehearsals continue.

In St. Petersburg is still prohibited events. Smolny explains the limitations of the fight against incidence of coronavirus.

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