In Petersburg there's a storm coming

the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in St. Petersburg warned of the worsening weather. As reported, on July 13 in the city and suburbs storms are expected.

Experts reminded about how to behave during a thunderstorm.

Those in rural areas, emergency workers are advised to close Windows, doors, chimneys and vents.

“not to leave the house, close the Windows and the chimney to avoid draft, it is also not advisable to heat the oven, because coming out of the smoke pipe has high electrical conductivity and may be attracted to the electrical discharge. For this reason, during the thunderstorm, you should extinguish the fire; it is not necessary to be on the roof near the collector and earthing (earthing conductor in contact with the ground, for example, buried steel sheet); during a thunderstorm, you should stay away from electrical wiring, antennas; turn off radio and TV, avoid using the telephone, including cell phones, and electrical appliances, do not touch metal objects. If your radio or TV set on the rooftop individual antenna, disconnect from devices,” — said in management.

If you encounter any emergency Agency staff are asked to immediately call the rescue service.

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