In Primorye, the father took the three children into the woods to rescue from coronavirus

In Primorsky Krai missing family with three children found in the woods. Children deliberately took into the forest by his own father.

As reported in the RF IC, a 39-year-old man and his three children went missing in early may. Investigators found during an inspection in the house of the village Kavalerovo, where the family lived, entries, indicating the intention to leave the house.

a Massive search yielded the result: two days later, the family was discovered in the woods. Children are not affected.

the Source of “Interfax” argues that the man took her children to the woods to escape from the coronavirus.

This is not the first such case. At the beginning of April in Sverdlovsk region the police had to look for a large family, which is also trying to hide from the coronavirus in the woods. In the end, children bitten by ticks.

on April 5, the woman from Tatarstan took her into the woods two sons 12 and 14 years in the forest with a loaf of bread and four onions. When the onions and bread ran out, she began to feed the boys leaves. In the end, the older boy escaped and led to his brother and mother oil. “Interfax” reported that 35-year-old woman was afraid of “chipping,” which allegedly threatened the Russians.

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