At the St. Petersburg airport “Pulkovo” canceled 35 flights. This is evidenced by the electronic scoreboard air Harbor. Among the cancelled flights as in Russia and abroad.

In particular, you will not be able to get to your destination passengers flight to Murmansk, Voronezh, Surgut, Kazan, Omsk, Arkhangelsk, Cherepovets, Simferopol, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Mineralnye Vody, Novy Urengoy, Tyumen, Sochi, Voronezh. Also broke the plans of those who planned to fly to Corfu, Helsinki, Minsk, Varna, Burgas, Larnaca, Antalya, Hammamet, Almaty, Shanghai.

In a press-service “Pulkovo” declared that work in a regular mode.

“Flights that you see on the display is cancelled by the airlines due to the fact that all the carriers now regularly change their schedule in real-time. The pandemic has brought about changes in travel carriers. So you sometimes even can see the display flight abroad, which now, of course, is not true. The carrier sends the data to the airport that flights will not be”, — explained the interlocutor of the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

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