In Pushkin impounded the station square, in Pavlovsk — the local area

the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg flood due to heavy rain. This was reported in “Vodokanal”.

“the Intensity of rainfall in some areas is almost 6 times higher than the estimated value. For example, at Pulkovo highway, the volume of precipitation was 43 mm (recall that the city sewer system is designed from the condition of receiving precipitation with a maximum intensity of 7.2 mm in 20 minutes)”, the report States.

in addition, the stormwater network on the Forecourt in Pushkin lost a large amount of precipitation. Observed the accumulation of water on the street Architect Danini in the transport tunnel at the intersection of the Pulkovo highway with the road to Pushkin.

According to GU Ministry of emergency situations of Russia in the city, in Pavlovsk flooded five houses adjoining areas in the Guerrilla street.

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