In Qatar restrictions on the coronavirus will be gradually removed until September

In Qatar from June 15 to begin the phased withdrawal of restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus. While the normal life of the country will not return until the autumn, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the representative of the Higher Committee for crisis management Luoluo al-Khatir.

According to al-Khatir, the restrictions will be removed in four stages, starting from 15 June. At this time, will be allowed to open a separate mosque and 40% of private clinics. The next stage will start from 1 July, the third August 1, and the last from September 1.

In August due to open for Friday prayers 54 of the mosque. You will allow flights to Qatar with a low level of risk, however, for all entrants would be imposed two-week quarantine. Also allowed is sports training outdoors and in large halls for professional athletes in groups of no more than five people.

In September, the residents of Qatar will allow massive events and tours, open theatres and cinemas, and private medical institutions will earn without limits.

Qatar is one of the first places in the Arab world in the number of those infected with the coronavirus, but the mortality rate it one of the lowest in the world. According to official data of the Ministry of healthcare confirmed more than 70 thousand cases and 57 deaths.

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