In Roskoshestvo told how to get the money back for a forgotten purchase

the Buyer can get back the money which he paid, but not picked up from the store or suddenly found the check in an extra item that is not bought.

As explained by the Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Alexander Borisov, in such a situation it is really to return the money, even if the buyer has already left from the outlet. Borisov explained, the question of the return of the money you need from the store. To return, he said, it is enough to show the receipt. To establish the absence of purchased goods in the bag, if available in check will help to install surveillance cameras on the trading floor. If cameras or videos no, the buyer has the right to request a review of the nomenclature of goods, i.e. physical availability of the product relative to the sales data in the system.

If the store refuses to meet the buyer, it is necessary to leave the entry in the book of complaints, leaving their contacts. The answer must come within five days, sometimes up to 15 days. When buying from large retailers you can leave a complaint in electronic form on the website of the network.

In Roskoshestvo claim that usually these two stages are solved up to 80% of the problems with the refund for the goods or exchange. If the claims are ignored, you will have to write the application in Rospotrebnadzor, whose staff will inspect and can issue the store a fine.

Borisov said that if customers left the store the money for the goods that is not bought — it’s consumer fraud. It provides for the liability of the administrative code of a fine. No matter you intentionally “punched” in the check do not acquire the goods or by accident.

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