In Rostov-on-don called for an end to the destruction of the building the oldest school

the Residents of Rostov-on-don began collecting signatures for an online petition in defense of the building is the oldest school, now the Lyceum № 20. As the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, the residents appealed to the regional authorities to protect the building at steel street from the destructive reconstruction.

“Built in the 1930s and rebuilt in 1947, it was the largest school in the city (housed 4000 students), the so-called school-giant. Due to the size of the institution, more than half of the residents of the district weaned in the walls of the building. Along with the Palace of culture Rostselmash is the main attraction of the area and its architectural dominant” the letter reads.

According to published data, the reconstruction of the school actually involves the demolition of the old building and build a new “glass and concrete”. Rostov urged officials to stop the demolition of the building, to carry out its conservation and further restoration of the facade and walls to give the building the status of a monument of culture.

the day since the creation of the petition it was signed by over a hundred active citizens.

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