In Russia abolished the rules of trade of potatoes and the order to improve seksopatologicheskih assistance to the population

More than 450 outdated legal acts of RSFSR and the USSR and their certain provisions recognized as invalid and will expire in 2020 and 2021. The resolution is posted on the website of the Russian government. Subject to the cancellation documents were adopted in the period 1946-1991 years.

including the rules of the repair of refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners, the manufacture of tin cans, the qualification requirements for divers and guards, the norm shrinkage of the meat and the natural decline of sausages during storage. Removed instructions for using lemons in food service, the rules of the trade potatoes, instructions for the towing of trolleys, order on write-off of unclaimed orthopedic shoes, manual on the write-off of expired medicines in pharmacies, the norms of natural loss of leeches, wool and glass, pharmaceutical glassware, the order of the standard time for manufacturer points, the resolution of the model time norms for plotter and stekloproduktsii work order on further improvement seksopatologicheskih care.

Also, cancel the order, 1972 “On the sanitary and hygienic clothing for workers in bath and Laundry, hotel and hairdressing industry” and the order of the same year, on the list of occupations in the utilities sector, whose representatives are required to wear helmets at work. Cancelled the decision of the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers for labour and wages, 1966 “On approval of standard regulations of time sharpening of cutting tools” and the order of 1973 “On approval of standard regulations of time (generation) on stenographic work.”

Recall, the decision was made in the framework of the “regulatory guillotine”, which involves a full review requirements of the business statutory requirements and the cancellation 2021 obsolete and excessive rules of Soviet times.

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