In Russia did not see the potential for growth in petrol prices above inflation

Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak assured that the Russian market is supplied with fuel in full, and there are no preconditions to ensure that the prices at gas stations rose above inflation.

“the Current regulatory mechanism in this part is configured so that prices did not rise above the level of inflation. And prerequisites for today for this (price rise — ed.) no. Yet on the contrary, the company paid to the budget (in the framework of the damper — ed.). In principle, if to take the dynamics of prices at gas stations, for diesel fuel it is below inflation, in gasoline — about zero,” — said “Interfax” the Minister.

Recall also that, according to Rosstat, consumer prices on gasoline in Russia on average from 18 to 24 may, has not changed in percentage from the previous reporting period, like two weeks ago. The Agency recorded a reduction in the cost of fuel in 6 centers of subjects of the Russian Federation and the increase in gasoline prices in 8 regional centres, and most of all, it has risen in Perm by 0.6%.

In General, indicates Rosstat, may 25 by the national average consumer price of 1 liter of gasoline rose 1 penny (compared to 18 in may) to 44.84 ruble.

During the reporting period, retail price of AI-92 gasoline increased by 2 cents to 42,40 ruble. The price of gasoline AI-95 rose by 1 cent to 45.84 ruble. Gasoline AI-98 has remained in the same price — 52,07 ruble.

Liter of diesel fuel as of may 25, the average cost 47,69 of the ruble compared to the 18 of may the price fell by 2 pennies.

we will Add that during the reporting period, the country produced 588,9 thousand tons of petrol (an increase of 10.2% against previous week). Also released 1 million 419,9 thousand tons of diesel fuel (plus 1.6%).

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