In Russia for 10 years has prevented terrorist attacks 159

For 10 years in Russia prevented 698 terrorist crimes, including 159 of the attacks. This was announced at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin head of the FSB and head of the National antiterrorist Committee (NAK) Alexander Bortnikov.

According to him, RIA “Novosti”, it all worked out thanks to the “fruits of work” as a power component of the Federal operational headquarters, and the whole system is built on lines of NAC.

Bortnikov also said that in 2019, Russia had only 4 terrorism-related crimes and has led to the comparison: in 2010 of such crimes was 778. That is, the head of the NAC over the decade has been due to the work and the price of “big problems and losses of” dozens of times to reduce the manifestations of terrorism in the country, especially in the North Caucasus.

“of Course, we can not guarantee a hundred percent that our work will contribute to the complete elimination of the terrorist threat, but strive for it,” he said.

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