In Russia in I half of the production of alcoholic beverages fell by 8.2%

For the first half in Russia was made 78,1 million dal of alcoholic beverages (without beer, beverages made on the basis of beer, cider, Poire and Mead). According to the National Union of consumer rights protection, it is 8.2% lower than a year earlier. In June, production grew by 7.4%, to 15.3 million decaliters. Alcoholic enterprises in January—June produced 34.3 million decaliters (dal) of vodka. This is 5% less compared to the same period last year. In June compared to June 2019 production grew by 10.4% to 6.29 mln dal. Wine production in January—June decreased by 5.9%, to 13.8 million given in June rose by 26.7%, to 3.2 million dal. However, the highest growth was reached by the producers of sparkling and sparkling, and fruit wines. For example, in the first half of sparkling and sparkling wines was produced 5.95 million gave (35.6% increase) in June to 1.23 mln dal (at 42.7% more). The production of fruit (fruit wine) in January—June increased by 23.2%, to 6.27 million given in June to 52%, to 1.32 million dal. Brandy factories in the first half has cut production by 0.9% to 3.76 million given in June by 8% to 0.57 million dal.

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