In Russia saw a sharp rise in the cost of dipyrone

In Russia sharply rose in price analgin — last month, the average price of popular painkillers grew by 26.5% to 17 rubles per pack, reports the newspaper “Izvestia”, citing data from the state system EMISS.

moreover, the publication, however, in commercial structures there is evidence of the rise in price of analgin to 38%.

As explained to “Izvestia”, the main reason is the rising cost of imported pharmaceutical substances of which make even the domestic tablet. Because of this soon-to-rise prices for other drugs, experts warn.

meanwhile, the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) told TASS that he had not received complaints about the rising prices of analgin. “The Antimonopoly office received no complaints about the rising prices for the drug dipyrone,” — said the FAS.

Recall that in late June it was reported that Russian pharmacy in the past month sold drugs to 75.3 billion rubles in retail prices, which is 14% less than in April of this year. These data were presented in the review of the DSM Group.

In real terms, sales are estimated to be in 351,7 million packages. This is 15.7% less than in April, and 12.1% less than in may 2019.

experts believe that reducing demand for drugs may be savings due to the reduction of incomes, but most likely it is due to a number of other reasons. For example, before leaving in isolation a purchase medicines for the future and are now using stocks. In addition, due to continuous stay at home and frequent hand washing people less sick.

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