In Russia the unified state exam on Informatics, geography and literature

Graduates of Russian schools pass the 3 Jul the Unified state examination (EGE) in science, geography and literature.

On the website of Rosobrnadzor reported that in all points of examination (PPE) is cleaned with a disinfectant. At the entrance to the examination center medical staff will conduct a mandatory contactless thermometry to all participants and organizers.

the items on the exam provided dispensers with antiseptic, and disinfecting the air. In public areas there should be the presence of a sufficient amount of money for hand washing disposable paper towels antiseptics.

“In the examination centres has to be ensured compliance with the social distance between the participants of the exam at least 1.5 meters”, — stated in the message.

the Main period of the exam in 2020 will be held from 29 June to 25 July

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