In Russia we have counted 15 million self-employed

Experts of the savings Bank estimate the number of self-employed in Russia to 15 million people. This was stated today to journalists by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of this financial institution Anatoly Popov.

“As you know, from July 1, this tax regime (for self-employed — ed.) was distributed to almost the entire country. We see high potential of this segment, estimated it at 15 million people. We capture a great interest of customers to register as self-employed, especially in the regions of Russia”, — quotes PRIME top Manager.

Recall, as from 1 July 2020 in Russia the geography of application of special tax regime for self-employed. “It will be extended to all regions of our country. And the minimum age of citizens who can register as self employed will be reduced from 18 to 16 years”, — said at the end of June the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin during a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

In his words, “a massive project”, and “significant to the economy, and for people who conduct their business”. “Having a simple and quick registration to the mobile app, the self-employed receive the official status, the opportunity to work without any reporting and visits to the tax authorities. And most importantly — they will be able to benefit from support measures available to legal businesses”, — stressed the head of government, quoted by the press service of the Cabinet.

As pointed out by Mishustin, “form work,” which proposed the self-employed, is “an example of creating in Russia a full contactless system of tax administration,” and “is it as easy as possible for citizens and businesses”.

the Prime Minister said that “today, as self-employed in 23 regions was over 750 thousand people.” “More than half of them had not declared their incomes and Nigge does not officially work. Now daily recorded more than 2 thousand people”, — said Mishustin.

He added that “to support the officially registered self-employed in the early stage of a work launch of the “tax capital” in the amount of 10 thousand rubles.” “In addition, the order of the President as an aid in the spread of novel coronavirus infection-employed, an additional “tax capital” in the amount of one minimum wage. It is provided automatically and can be used for the payment of future taxes,” concluded the head of government.

we also Add that the Russian economy in February—March 2020 was under the powerful impact of two negative factors — the rapid spread of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 and its deleterious effect on the global economy and collapse in oil prices. Against this background, the rouble significantly depreciated against the dollar and the Euro. Reacting to the situation, the government and the Bank of Russia adopted several packages of measures to support the economy and citizens.

may 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the end of may 12, a single period of days off, entered March 30, in the fight against COVID-19. He also announced the beginning of implementation of the third package of anti-crisis measures, under which the state, in particular, will increase targeted support for families with children, small businesses, individual entrepreneurs and self-employed.

2 Jun Mishustin was presented by the head of state, the national plan for the recovery of the Russian economy in 2020-2021 years, noting in particular that the cost of the plan will amount to about 5 trillion roubles. June 19, Putin was sent a revised draft of the national plan.

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