In Russia wildfires has burned more than 250 homes

In the Russian regions since the beginning of year wildfires destroyed 251 house. This is 30% less compared to last year, said the head EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Senichev at a video conference with the Russian President.

According to Senicheva, reports “Interfax”, the special fire-prevention mode operates in 49 regions. Since the beginning of the year recorded 5 626 thousand centres of natural fires a total area more than 852 thousand hectares. This is a third less than a year earlier.

In the far Eastern Federal district, Siberia and the North-West, there are 73 hearth of natural fires on a total area of active burning 34 hectares. Mode “emergencies in the woods” introduced in four subjects — on the whole territory of the Baikal region, in one district of Tuva, one area of Khakassia and one district of Irkutsk region.

in addition, almost 550 homes and more than 2.5 thousand farmlands were flooded in the four regions after the passage of the cyclone. We are talking about Komi Republic, Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, said the head of Ministry of emergency situations. 544 flooded homes and more than 2.5 million household plots, and 12 low water bridges, 26 road sections. However, he assured that in the coming days the situation stabiliziruemost. Already the working Committee for the assessment of damages.

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