In Russia you can return the cans and jars

In the state Duma want to return to the Russian consumers the opportunity to buy products in containers, as it was before. The objective of the proposal is to reduce the number of disposable plastic packaging and, therefore, garbage.

As reported TASS, the head of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir burmatov sent on this occasion an appeal to the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. He requested to reconsider the project on the sanitary-epidemiological rules and allow the outlets to release the products into the container customers.

it is a revision written in Rospotrebnadzor and are under public discussion the draft regulation “On approval of sanitary-epidemiological rules” in regard to trading facilities and markets, implements food products. The Committee received many calls from citizens requesting to amend the document. Current rules allow trade organizations to sell the products in the container of the buyer, subject to certain conditions. The new regulation imposes a ban on the sale of so-called bulk goods in containers of the purchaser.

As noted Burmatov, the volume of solid municipal waste in Russia is constantly growing. The share of disposable packaging such debris reaches 30-40%, the second time it is not used in the end — cluttering and contamination of land, harm to the environment and human health. The appeal stressed that the retail trade plays a special role in reducing waste, because it links producers and consumers and could create a sustainable model of waste trade. Burmatov noted, choirboy experience of the retail trade confirms the effectiveness of waste prevention by reducing the volume of disposable packaging. Therefore, the document says, you need to finalize the draft resolution of the CPS and to allow the sale of products in containers of the purchaser.

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