In Saratov to parents of pupils sent agitation that oppose gays, atheists and Ukrainians

Parents of pupils of one of schools of Saratov received from the class teacher propaganda material on the subject of voting on amendments to the Constitution.

As reported by the “Free news”, the parents in the chat of messenger received from the teacher, the text under the heading “Who is against amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation?”. Among these citizens on items listed “Russian-speaking Ukrainians, Balts and Georgians”; “a bunch of radical atheists”; the Russian-speaking citizens of Poland, Canada, USA, Baltic States, Ukraine and the “information state agents in these countries”; “information agents of the US and Western countries”, which in the case of the amendments will not be able to promote “LGBT and other propaganda and stuff”; “Russian liberals and their supervisors in the United States and the West,” and “all Russian and international Russian-speaking transformers (feminists, gays, lesbians, etc”. A separate category of “those against” establishing the minimum wage at the subsistence level, raising pensions, payments of the parent capital and benefits. The edition publishes the screenshot of the post where it explains in detail why these citizens are not satisfied with the amendments.

According to parents, teacher, Radoslava this chat message is a member of the PEC from the party “Rodina”.

the Committee on education administration of Saratov promised to conduct official investigation on the fact of agitation.

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