In several regions of Russia observed a rare solar Eclipse (photos)

a Rare annular solar Eclipse was well observed from different parts of Russia on Sunday night.

As reported Roskosmos on Twitter, this year astronomical phenomenon coincided with the summer solstice.

for Russia, the Greatest phase of the Eclipse with a duration of 0.45 seconds was observed in the South of the Altai territory, the Republic of Tyva and the Altai Republic near the border with Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia.

the number of Russian regions it was possible to observe the private phase of the Eclipse of the Sun. In 2020, this astronomical event falls on the summer solstice.

Note that an annular Eclipse began at 07:48 in Africa. The maximum phase, which has been observed in the Himalayas, lasted 38 s.

— ROSCOSMOS (@roscosmos) June 21, 2020

In the European part of Russia the maximum phase is equal to 0,41 and was visible in the South of Dagestan.

the longest in the world the Eclipse lasted for the inhabitants of the Himalayas — 38 seconds, and saw him first Africans at 07:48 local time.

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