In Smolny in the coming days will announce plans to lift restrictions in St. Petersburg

In the coming days at the Smolny will announce plans for withdrawal in the Northern capital restrictions against a new type of coronavirus. About it on air “Radio of Russia in St. Petersburg,” said the Governor Alexander Beglov.

According to him, officials are working on the issue with the CPS.

“In the coming days will reveal the list of incremental steps for the normalization of life,” said the mayor.

he added that He will have a decision to reconcile and to act with “maximum caution”.

From June 8 in St. Petersburg eased some of the measures against the coronavirus. So, Smolny allowed to work in small non-food outlets with a separate entrance. The changing rooms remain closed and visitors are allowed not more than one person to four square meters.

According to the latest data, the city recorded 18 835 thousand cases COVID-19, died 392 inhabitants.

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