In Smolny told how to conduct exam

the Points, the exam in St. Petersburg, cleans, and audiences will sit for 8-10 students. About how in a pandemic the city is going to conduct a common exam, the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” said Anna Grabska, head of General education Department of the education Committee.

“Children and teachers will comply with all anti-epidemic requirements. Seating arrangements, the location of the party will be in a zigzag. Early in the classroom took the exam in 15 people, now we are going to reduce that number to 8-10 students,” said the clerk.

According to her, in St. Petersburg to conduct of exam is prepared by 167 points. “To get school certificate examination results are not needed and, therefore, some graduates there is no need to hand over Russian and mathematics. But if the student plans to enroll this year, he needs to focus on the requirements of the University for the exam. If the universities reduce the number of items to be considered for admission, students have to hand them in will not have,” said Anna Grabska.

the Chairman of the “Council of rectors of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region” Alexey Demidov reminded that for admission to come to University is not necessary, all documents can be submitted via personal Cabinet of the applicant on the website of the University or service “admission to the University online at the” government Services. The original of the certificate in University can bring in the first course.

we will Remind, earlier it became known that the exam will start on June 29. The ninth grade exams this year to pass is not necessary, the certificates will be offered to all students until June 15.

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