In Smolny told how will be organized the entrance test for University students

the Number of budget places in bachelor and specialist in St. Petersburg increased by 800 units — this year the city waits 27 thousand 856 students for full-time study in higher education. Also in St. Petersburg expect 12 thousand undergraduates.

this at a press conference in TASS said the Chairman of the Committee on science and higher school Andrey Maksimov.

“the number of funded places on the following areas: mathematics engineering, agriculture, pedagogy, arts and culture. A lot of targeted places in this year is open to physicians. Admissions starts on June 20 — the first to apply for the distance learning format for students who passed the exam last year,” — said Maximov.

Ends the selection Committee until August 17 — given that the exam in Russian starts July 3 and continues until the 23rd, all must submit documents. You can do this in the personal Cabinet of the applicant on the institution’s web site or through the service “Go to the University online” on the public services, but it is available only for 53 Russian universities. All documents can be submitted without an electronic signature. Available and flow through “Mail of Russia”.

Chairman of the Board of rectors of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region Alexey Demidov said, as there will be additional entrance exams.

the vast majority of examinations, for example, the Department of journalism and a number of creative directions, will be carried out remotely. To control autonomy mode will be used proctoring, which will capture the audio interference (if entering someone tells behind the screen). This system has already been successfully tested in several contests for students.

“it will Look like this — the employee of the admissions Committee sits in front of the screen, where it has 25 Windows, each students draw, for example, still life, explains Demids. Depending on the epidemiological situation, perhaps some universities will organize full-time creative testing. For example, such a path can go to the Academy of Russian ballet named A. Y. Vaganova”.

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on the Eve of the Ministry of education approved the schedule of the exam. The first exam will take place on 3 July. Your outcomes graduates will know until August 15.

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