In Smolny told what rules will work to shopping centers and restaurants

In St. Petersburg resumes work in kindergartens, museums, restaurants and shopping centers. The information Department of the city administration told how to operate companies.

So, the SEC has committed to provide a safe working environment. In particular, will be controlled by the use of means of individual protection, respect for social distance. At the entrance the visitors will monitor temperature and will regularly carry out disinfection of the contact surfaces.

Also next week will be able to resume work pools and fitness centers, retail facilities and services, located in shopping malls. An obligatory condition is the presence of isolated areas and shopping malls.

the Fitting rooms in stores will also become available, but lockers will work in a staggered manner in this zone will set the dispensers with antiseptic and germicidal lamp closed type. After every fitting store employees will conduct the heat treatment of clothing. The workers themselves must be in protective masks.

will be Able to resume work and catering establishments, except those located in the food courts. The tables in cafes and restaurants should stand at a distance of five feet from each other. All serving items and menus will be disinfected after each guest. In this case, the tables must be no decoration, which cannot be treated with antiseptic.

At Smolny added that kindergartens renew their work in ordinary mode. Wedding ceremonies of registration of marriages can now contain up to 30 guests. And it also removes the ban on work of private museums and exhibition halls. Can start working the water parks.

the city resumes the activities of tour operators and travel agents will be available tour services. In addition, permitted the rendering of services involving face-to-face presence of the citizen. Car dealers allowed test drives.

At the same time maintains a ban on retail tradeI’m falling and the provision of services in the corridors, atriums, foyers and other common areas of the Mall. Entertainment and leisure in shopping centers are also not yet able to start the job, but for young Petersburgers will open children’s playrooms.

the Ban on organizing recreational, sports, cultural, entertainment and other mass events remains until August 16.

In the city administration added that the resumption of the activities may subject receive a unique QR-code confirming the commitment to implement a standard of safe operation.

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