In Smolny told what the cultural institutions of the Northern capital will open the first

In the first place for Petersburgers will open its parks, gardens and zoo. About it on air of TV channel “Saint Petersburg” said the head of city Committee on culture Konstantin Sukhenko.

“to Open sites will only after the government will begin to soften the regime. After approval of all agencies with the CPS we will open their doors to visitors. Let’s start with major urban areas such as parks, gardens, a zoo, a history Museum in the Peter and Paul fortress, “Manege”. Wherever possible to provide sufficient distance between visitors and implement the recommended restrictions,” he said.

Also, Sakhnenko warned that the opening of the Gatchina Park Smolny, together with the administration of Leningrad oblast and Gatchina deals now.

“Park in Gatchina can be opened in the near future given the fact that she is not in St. Petersburg and in the Leningrad region the situation with the pandemic easier,” said Sukhenko.

He added that the theatres and museums will have to reduce the occupancy to ensure the distance between the visitors. However, ticket prices will not rise, said the head of the Committee.

Sukhenko also noted that 90% of all cultural institutions in the city managed to keep staff on the same salary. According to him, a difficult situation arose at the cinema “Aurora”, which does not receive subsidies from the budget and pays the salaries of employees from ticket sales. There are problems at the Leningrad zoo, which bought animal feed from the ticket sales.

formerly the St. Petersburg film Director Roman Smirnov said he is waiting for the theaters in the fall.

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