In Smolny told what to do, if the day of the exam the child has a fever

the Temperature on the day of the Unified state examination (use) is a reason to stay home, as in school, the child still will not start. About it on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”, said the Deputy Chairman of St. Petersburg Committee on education Irina Aslanyan.

“For all of the exams organized by the contactless temperature measurement at the entrance of the health care provider would not understand why the child has a fever, because of the excitement or something else. Obviously, there is a risk of infecting other children. An act for the admission to the exam in connection with the temperature, and the child is advised to contact the health facility for help,” said Aslanian.

According to her, the graduate can take the exam in reserve days of the basic period of the exam and an additional 3 to 8 August.

“If a child is sick COVID-19 and have not received a negative test, or simply felt ill on the day of delivery, you must also consult a doctor to get help and to write a statement to the state attestation Commission of the postponement of the exam”, — explained Irina Aslanyan.

the official Also said that the first day of the exam on Informatics, literature and geography in St. Petersburg on certification came 11,600 graduates. The most popular exam is computer science: it wished to hand over 6 thousand children. Literature chose 5 thousand people, 600 more — geography.

Recall is only for passing the exam this year in St. Petersburg has registered 35 700 children.

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