In Sochi schoolgirl is pregnant by brother

In Sochi, 15-year-old girl is pregnant from his brother. About the pregnancy she found out by accident when abortion was too late.

As reported by “KP-Kuban”, the girl from Adler went to doctors with complaints of malaise and nausea. It turned out that the girl is at 7th month of pregnancy.

the Doctors reported the diagnosis to the police and investigators came to the eighth grade class is told that she is pregnant by 21-year-old brother. According to Schoolgirls, he began to engage her in sexual relations when she was not yet 15 years old. However, she said that was absolutely fine.

a criminal case under part 1 of article 134 of the criminal code “Sexual intercourse with a person under sixteen years of age committed by a person under eighteen years of age.” The young man threatens till 4 years of imprisonment. He is under house arrest.

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