In South Africa because of the coronavirus has banned the sale of alcohol

In the Republic of South Africa introduced new restrictive measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. As BBC reports, this includes a ban on the sale of alcohol throughout the country.

in addition, from Monday in the country curfews and the wearing of masks on the street and in public places is mandatory. The action of the state of emergency has been extended until August 15. The corresponding decree was signed by the President of South Africa Cyril of Ramaphosa.

Speaking to fellow citizens about the increasing restrictive measures, Ramaphosa noted that some residents “behaving irresponsibly”: throw a party and “binge” and go to public places without a mask. The ban on the sale of alcohol, the President explained the intention of the authorities to reduce the number of drunken brawls and domestic violence and thus to relieve the health system of South Africa.

currently in the country more than 276 thousand confirmed cases of infection with mers have died more than 4 thousand people.

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