In St. Petersburg allowed the work of hairdressers and other service industries

In St. Petersburg resume hairdresser, some baths, libraries, and other providers from June 15 in a pandemic coronavirus. This follows from the decision of the city government.

“In accordance with the amendments to the decree of the government of St. Petersburg, Monday hairdresser in Saint-Petersburg will be able to provide services, but by appointment, and except for cosmetic services,” the document States.

as for the baths, the visitors will only be available washroom areas.

enabled furniture stores, excluding those located in shopping malls and shopping centers, photographic workshops, photo studios and photo Studio.

By appointment will be able to make clients real estate, recruitment agencies, libraries, and archives.

Again, you can also rent bikes and scooters, provided their regular disinfection.

In St. Petersburg was 20 thousand 561 cases of coronavirus, 597 people died, 9 million 677 recovered.

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