In St. Petersburg began an action against amendments to the Constitution (photo)

St. Petersburg residents lined up to sign against the amendments to the Constitution, the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

the Protest action is held under the supervision of police officers, who are filming the event on camera.

“I Want to put his signature in support of the initiative for judicial review of constitutional amendments. I personally live in the President to 2036 do not want”, — said the Deputy of legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky, who also came to the event.

Next picketing girl who made a caricature of usurpation of power.

estimates of the correspondent, the queue stretches to the Anichkov Palace.

we will Remind, on 1 July finished voting on the amendments to the Constitution. According to official data, the new rules voted 77,92% of voters, against — of 21.27%. According to political analysts, this will allow Vladimir Putin to run for President two more times, until 2036. Activists intend to challenge the results in court.

“Rosbalt” on its YouTube channel conducts a live report from the scene.

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