In St. Petersburg began the protests against the amendments to the Constitution (photo)

In St. Petersburg, the campaign against amendments to the Constitution. As the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, at the Palace square gathered more than 30 people.

bad Weather has not prevented the citizens to Express a negative attitude to the plebiscite.

“I’m against all the amendments. Because the whole procedure is initially illegal. I just feel sorry for the country, I feel ashamed,” he told the St. Denis with a copy of the Constitution in his hands.

Most of the participants preferred this format of protest. One girl drew a mark “against” on the mask.

the Event is held under police surveillance. The detainees yet.

remember, today is the last day of voting on amendments to the basic law of the country. One of the amendments to the basic law provides acting President Vladimir Putin the right to remain in power for another two terms, until 2036. To vote separately for each amendment is impossible — only for a package.

Earlier in the center of the city — Dvortsovaya square and Gostiny Dvor — swiped the police and riot police, and the field of Mars was closed for treatment against ticks.

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